Social programme

ISNS Welcome reception Sunday March 8

Taking place at the meeting venue from 18.30-20.00 h

(included in the registration fee, delegates need to indicate their articipation during the registration process)

We would like to invite all participants tpo join us for the official Welcome Reception, which will take place in the exhibition and poster area of the Amathus Hotel. Attendees will get the opportunity to discuss and network with friends and colleagues in a relaxing atmosphere while exploring the poster presentations and visiting the exhibition and enjoying refreshments.


ISNS Dinner  Tuesday March 10

Our exclusive ISNS Dinner will take place at the CarobMill Restaurant on Tuesday March 10 from 19.00 h. Local entertainment will be offered, then buffet dinner will be served.

In order to have more information regarding the venue please click here.

Transpoirtation will be provided from the ASmathus Hotel to the venue.

Tickets can be purchased through the online registration system at the price of EUR 60.

For questions please contact us at the following email address


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